How to Disable Picture-in-Picture Feature in Mozilla Firefox

In the version 71 of the Mozilla Firefox browser, you will notice a newly added feature called Picture-in-Picture. This is a feature for playing videos in a small window of its own. So if you are watching a video on a video sharing site and want to do something in a different tab too, then you can use the picture-in-picture to pop out that video and switch to a different tab. The video will keep playing in a smaller window of its own and will be visible even if you change the tabs. You can move around this video window or resize it as you like.

One way to use watch videos using the picture-in-picture feature is just by simply right-clicking on them and selecting Picture-in-Picture from the right-click menu. Some websites add their own right-click menu over the videos but you can right-click one again to see this menu.

Disable Picture-in-Picture in Firefox

On some websites, Firefox will display a blue anchor on the video frame. As you hover your mouse cursor over this blue anchor, it will display option to switch to the picture-in-picture mode. This is another way to use the picture-in-picture feature in Firefox.

Disable Picture-in-Picture in Firefox

However, if you want to disable picture-in-picture in Firefox so that the above-mentioned options are disabled, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Type about:config in the Firefox browser. You have to click on the Accept the risk and continue button.
  2. Type picture-in-picture in the preference search box.
  3. Double-click on the media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.enabled and and change their values to false.Disable Picture-in-Picture in Firefox
  4. Now picture-in-picture has been disabled.

After you have disabled picture-in-picture in Firefox, it will no longer display a blue colored rectangular option to switch to the picture-in-picture window over the video frames. Similarly when you right-click on a video, it won’t show the option for picture-in-picture.

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