Desktop Snow Brings Snowfall to Windows PC

Winter season has arrived in all its glory. Snow has started to fall and pretty soon everything will be covered with the glowing white thick layer of snow. It looks amazing to look at the snow clad trees in the morning when the sunlight gives the snow an extra glow. When you walk out on this sheet of snow, you leave footprints behind you.

If you want to bring a little of this snow to your Windows PC, then you can use a free tool called Desktop Snow to make it happen. This small tool shows the snowfall effect on your PC screen without bothering you with much of the settings as it displays just one setting to change the transparency of the snow flakes. The snow always falls from the left side to the right side and there is no way to change this.

Desktop Snow

Desktop Snow is a portable application and does not need to be installed on your PC. As soon as you launch the Desktop Snow executable Desktop Snow (0.2).exe, it will start the snow animation on your screen. Along with the snow falling effect, you are going to see just one control using which you can adjust the alpha value of the snow fall effect. By increasing the alpha value, you can make the snow flakes more opaque and by decreasing its value, you can make snow flakes more transparent.

Desktop Snow

Even though the falling snow effect looks really good, you can achieve a much more beautiful effect by first using a desktop water related to Christmas, night time or winter season. So the first thing you should do is set a Christmas or winter season wallpaper in your Windows PC. After this when you use the Desktop Snow application, the falling snow looks spectacular.

You can download Desktop Snow from