How to Fix Twitter Error “Something went wrong. Try again.”

Yesterday when I was trying to visit Twitter in Firefox web browser on my Windows PC, it showed an error that I had not encountered before – “Something went wrong. Try again.” I tried to click on the big blue “Try Again” button many times, but Twitter did not yield to any of my efforts. I also tried to refresh the web page using the F5 key and also by right-clicking and then choosing the reload option, but Twitter kept showing the same error over and over again. My friends suggested a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 but it also failed to do away with this strange Twitter error.

Twitter Something went wrong. Try again

Finally I figured out two simple steps that resolved the “Something went wrong” error”:

1. Update date and time in your computer

Wrong local date and time in the web browser may interfere with sites like Twitter that see a completely different time on their servers. Here is how you can change the time and update it correctly in Windows:

  1. Press the hotkey Win+R, type control timedate.cpl and press Enter.
  2. In the Date and Time window, select Internet Time and click on Change settings.Twitter Something went wrong. Try again
  3. Type in the server field and click on the Update now button.Twitter Something went wrong. Try again

2. Clear Twitter cookies from web browser

If changing the time does not fix the Twitter error message then you have to clear the cookies stored in Firefox (or any other web browser that you are using) for Twitter in the following manner:

  1. Visit Twitter website at in your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the lock icon in the address bar and select Clear Cookies and Site Data.Twitter Something went wrong. Try again
  3. It will show you a number of domains in a list related to Twitter for which it is going to remove the cookies and the site data stored in the browser’s cache. Click on the Remove button to continue.Twitter Something went wrong. Try again
  4. Restart web browser and try visiting Twitter again. You may have to re-login to your Twitter account.

If even after these two methods, Twitter keeps showing the same error, then you should try a different web browser. This error could also be from the Twitter end and for which there is nothing else to do but to wait for a few hours as their engineers fix the problem.

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  1. this is a twitter issue that is not solved for years now. workarounds only solve this for a short time. Twitter on iOS safari has this issue permanently without any way to solve this. I wonder why twitter does not solve this issue that affects millions of people. The only way to work with twitter links on iphones is to open them in chrome.

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