DocFetcher : Fast File Searching Utility for Windows, Mac and Linux

Searching for files is one of the most common tasks that we all have to do on daily basis. Whether we are searching for files online or offline, we have to use one or other apps or tools depending on its features and convenience. This is why in Windows and other operating systems, they have already included some basic file searching tools. But if you want a faster file searching utility then you can try DocFetcher that you can use to search files and also their contents. It supports all the three popular desktop operating systems – Windows, macOS and Linux.

DocFetcher is a Java based tool and this is why the first step to use this tool is to install JRE (Java Runtimes Environment) in your computer. After this you can either use the portable version of DocFetcher or use its installer package to setup DocFetcher on your machine.


The user interface of DocFetcher has a nicely designed layout. On the left side you have document types and search scope while on the right side you have search results and content browser. The first thing you have to do is right-click on the Search Scope section and select Create Index From option. You can choose to create the search index entries from a folder, archive, Outlook PST or clipboard. Depending on the number of items to index, it will take from a few seconds to few minutes to finish the indexing process.


Once the indexing is done, you can try searching from the search section. You can use wild cards and regular expressions for search terms. It can search withing supported file types. It supports many different types of documents like AbiWord, EPUB, FLAC, HTML, JPEG, CHM, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Visio, OpenOffice, MP3, MS Excel, TXT, RTF and PDF files. It can index and search the contents these file types.

DocFetcher is very fast in both indexing the files or their contents and also in showing the search results. It is a great desktop file search utility and is perhaps better than the search feature included in Windows 10.

You can download DocFetcher from