Epic Games Store Giveaway : The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is an adventure game that is set in a world twenty years before the events of the comic series Fables. In the comic series Fables, some of the well known characters from popular fairy tales and folklores form a secret society in the city of New York and this clandestine community is called Fabletown. This community includes Snow White as the the mayor and Bigby Wolf as the sheriff. Together they fight their adversaries who have been responsible for them to leave their homelands as they have been conquered by them.

The Wolf Among Us was released for the very first time in 2013 but it is set in 1986 and you play the protagonist Bibgy Wolf – the sheriff of Fabletown. The game consists of six episodes loosely based on various fairy tales. In the first episode which is based on the fairy tale Faith, you have to investigate the death of a woman named Faith. You have to seek help from Snow White the mayor of Fabletown. The clues they follow take them through a an entangled web of deceit and magic. Things may appear different from what they actually are. You have to be careful when following clues and trails.

The Wolf Among Us

If you have read the Fables comic book series then perhaps you will enjoy this game more as you would know all the characters already. But even without the comic book, you can find this game very engaging but you have to very patient.

In order to claim The Wolf Among Us game for free, you have to visit the Epic Games Store website at https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/the-wolf-among-us/home and click on the Get button. After signing into your Epic Games account you will be shown the final checking out and payment screen. Since the game is free you do not have to pay anything and then the game will be added to your Epic Store library. You can use Epic Games launcher to download, install and play this game on your computer.