SideSlide : Highly Customizable App Launcher for Windows

Windows 10 provides many different ways to launch programs – through the Start menu, from the Desktop shortcuts, using the taskbar or by pressing the hotkey Win+X. But if you want a much more convenient and clutter free launcher then you may want to use an app launcher like SideSlide. It is an app launcher where you can put shortcuts to folders, files or programs. It supports containers so that you can group shortcuts of similar programs together. For example, you can have a container for all the web browsers, another for all the graphics editors and one more for your cloud storage apps.

SideSlide can either be installed on your Windows PC or can be used as a portable program. It places an icon in the notification area from where it can be launched anytime you want. It hides near the edge of your screen until you activate it by moving your mouse cursor near the edge. It comes with a few shortcuts already placed for your desktop and some of the special folders like documents, pictures, and programs. You can easily drag-n-drop any files, folders, programs or their shortcuts on SideSlide window to add their shortcuts in it. You can customize the shortcuts to have a small or large fonts.


If you want to manage your shortcuts then it offers containers. You can create regular containers for shortcuts and special folder containers to add shortcut to files. In each container you can drag in shortcuts and add them inside. Containers stay inside the main SideSlide window but you can right-click on it and detach it. A detached container can be dragged to any position on your screen outside the SideSlide window. You can attach it back to SideSlide if desired.

SideSlide is a free app launcher for Windows that offers containers to group together shortcuts. It can be customized in appearance and stays out of your way until you activate it.

You can download SideSlide from