FileAlyzer : Analyze Any File to See Detailed Information

If you want to find out more about the internal structure and details of any file, then you can use a freeware tool FileAlyzer. This portable tool can analyze any file and show you all the technical information about that file. You can use it to analyze not only binary PE executable files, but so many different types of other files.

Using the FileAlyzer tool you can find the details about alternate data streams, Android apps, anomalies, databases, ELF header, EXIF meta data, bitmaps, file hashes, hex data, images, INI files, HTML files, iOS apps, MZ header, PE disassembler, PE exports, PE header, PE imports, PE resources, PEiD, UPX, VirusTotal lookup and more.

Using this program is very easy. You can launch FileAlyzer and open the file that you want to analyze using it. As soon as you open that file, FileAlyzer will start its analysis and populate the information. There are 21 tabs and each of these tabs shows some or other information about the file. For example, the “Hashes” tabs shows you the CRC32, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, RipeMD, HAVAL and many many other hashes of varying bit lengths.


You can switch to the “Hex” tab and it will display the binary view of the file just like a hex editor. It does not allow you to edit the file, but you can search the file for strings, registry keys, URLs, GUIDs and other things. Under the “VirusTotal” tab, you can scan the file with multiple antivirus engines and view the results without having to visit VirusTotal site. But since the VirusTotal API has changed, this section does not seem to work anymore.

FileAlyzer is mainly for the advanced users who want to analyze suspicious files and want to find the hidden details inside those files. Malware research professionals may find this tool of great use.

You can download FileAlyzer from