Hamic : Calculator for Ham Radio Enthusiasts

Ham radio enthusiasts all over the world use their wireless devices to communicate with each other over the radio frequency spectrum. Even though there are very high quality ham radio sets are available, many ham radio users often modify their devices and use custom made equipment. For example, if they want to communicate with people over a large distance then perhaps they will need better tuned antennas. And for these antennas as well as for other minor adjustments, they have to make calculations related to various electronics components.

If you are also a ham radio operator and often have to make the calculations by hand, then you may find a freeware called Hamic useful. It is a small Windows application that helps you with some of the very often used calculations in the electronics field specific to the ham radios. All the calculations in this program are listed on the left side under different categories – simple circuits, reactance, networks, SWR calculator, conversions, wavelength, frequency, half-wave dipole length, resonant frequency, air core coil inductance, and antenna impedance.

Hamic : Ham Radio Calculator

These are some very basic calculations but are very often used by ham radio operators to fix or modify their equipment. For example, you can calculate the resultant resistance or capacitance when you combine resistors or capacitors in series or parallel. You can calculate the reactance or impedance from an inductor or capacitor. You can calculate the various parameters when making an air-core coil which I found very useful.

However, I found that some of the things are missing from the application. For example, it cannot calculate the dimensions for a simple dipole antenna that is very commonly used by ham operators. It could also be more helpful if it included some op-amp circuit calculations as well. Nevertheless, ham operators are going to find Hamic very useful.

You can download Hamic from https://www.sweetscape.com/hamic/.