How to Report Inappropriate Predictions in Google Search

When you start typing something in the Google Search’s search box, it shows some suggestions as to what you might want to search for. For example, if you type “father knows”, Google will show a list of predicted search terms such as “father knows best”. These predictions are based on the searches previously carried out by the users all over the world. Google ensures that any offensive terms are not shown in these predicted search phrases. However, if you find it is showing something that you consider offensive and think that this phrase might have slipped under the radar, then you should report such inappropriate predictions to Google.

Here is how you can report such inappropriate predictions on Google Search:

  1. Visit Google Search in your web browser.
  2. As you start typing the search term, it will begin to show a list of predicted search phrases. Use the search terms that show some predicted phrases which you find offensive or inappropriate in general.Report Inappropriate Predictions in Google Search
  3. Click on the link Report Inappropriate Predictions that is displayed near the bottom of the prediction list.
  4. On your screen now you will be able to choose which predictions you find offensive. Moreover, you can also select a category explaining why you find these predictions offensive. For example, you can select a category from irrelevant, violent, hateful, dangerous etc.Report Inappropriate Predictions in Google Search
  5. Google employees will take a look at your report and take appropriate action if needed.

By reporting such inappropriate search phrases, you can help Google improve the search experience for everyone. This also makes the internet a much safer and friendlier place as people of all age groups and backgrounds use Google search and they will not be offended if you have taken measures to report all the words or phrases that you might have encountered while searching on Google.

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  1. Hi gentlemen, there is not that link called Report inappropriate predictions on the Google Chrome web page I have: Google Chrome is up to date
    Version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (x86_64)
    I want to report an inappropriate predictions on the Search web.
    Thanks for your support, have a nice life.

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