How to Remove Payment Methods Stored in Google Chrome Browser

Everyone was busy shopping online during these holidays season because all the online retailers have been giving huge discounts on their e-commerce sites. When shopping online using the Chrome web browser, you may have stored your payment information in the browser. This helps you quickly fill-in this credit card or debit card information during the checkout. But storing this information for long term is not recommended. Having done with all the shopping for this year, you can now remove all this stored payment information from the Chrome browser.

You can remove the stored payment methods from the Chrome web browser in the following manner:

  1. Launch Chrome web browser.
  2. Type in chrome://settings/payments in the address bar and press Enter.Remove Payment Methods from Chrome
  3. Under the payment methods you will be able to see all the stored credit/debit cards that were saved during online shopping. Click on the vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots) next to the payment method that you want to remove and select Remove.Remove Payment Methods from Chrome
  4. It will instantly remove that payment method from the Chrome browser.

Instead of removing the payment method, you can also choose to edit it. Chrome allows you to edit the credit card number, expiry data and the name on the card. For the security reason, Chrome browser does not store the CVV code in the browser. CVV code is usually the three digit secret number printed behind the credit cards that allows verification during the checkout.

These days some banks offer a second layer of protection for the credit or debit cards in the form of an OTP (one time password) that is sent to your mobile phone. This OTP has to be entered on the checkout screen without which the payment fails. This way nobody will be able to use your cards even if they have stolen all the card related information from somewhere.