Draw Anywhere on Windows Desktop Using gInk

Most of the screen capture tools allow you to first take the screenshots of your Windows desktop and then annotate the screenshot later. But what if you want to do the things in the opposite manner – draw first on the screen and then take the screenshot? Well, there is an open-source tool called gInk that helps you do just that. It basically turns your Windows PC screen into a full-screen drawing pad. You can draw anything you want on it and then capture the screenshot.

gInk is open-source and portable program. You can launch gInk after extracting it from its ZIP archive. It will place an icon in the notification area. You can right-click on this icon to view the options. But if you left-click on this icon, it will display a toolbar containing all the usual drawing tools – pens of different colors, eraser, highlighter, and a tool to capture the screenshot. You can use these pen to draw anywhere including the Windows taskbar. It saves the screenshots in the PNG image file format.


In the options for gInk, you can choose which of the tools are visible in the gInk toolbar, you can pick a folder where the screenshot files are placed and you can choose all the pens that will be available including picking colors from 10 different types. If you prefer to use your keyboard over the mouse, then you can also configure different hotkeys available in the gInk program. The hotkey Ctrl + Alt + G toggles the drawing mode and is same as clicking on the gInk system tray icon once.


gInk is a productive tool for those who want to capture the desktop screen after annotating over it. It supports touchscreen PC, touchpad and drawing tablet, for easily drawing on the screen.

You can download gInk from https://github.com/geovens/gInk.