IgorWare Hasher : Calculate and Verify File Hashes in Windows

IgorWare Hasher is a portable tool for calculating the hashes of files and text. It can also be used to verify the file hashes for the files that you have downloaded from the internet in order to check their integrity. Moreover, this tool can also generate the file checksum files that are used for verification of the hashes. It can calculate and verify MD5, SHA-1 and CRC32 types of hashes.

IgorWare Hasher is a portable program but it can be integrated with Windows File Explorer. For this you have to launch the program and choose Options → Integrate with explorer from the menubar. But once you do this, the program will no longer will portable. You can later remove it from the Windows File Explorer in the same way. When integrated, you can just right-click on any file and choose to calculate its hashes.

IgorWare Hasher

The user interface of IgorWare Hasher offers two tabs – one for the files and another for the text. You can select a file and it also specify the checksum files for that file. After this you have to click on the Calculate button and it will calculate and verify the file hashes. If you click on the Copy button, it will copy the file hashes to the clipboard. Clicking on the Save button creates and saves the hash files for the selected file.

It can be used to find the checksums for any text that you can type in or copy in the provided text box. The text can contain unicode characters as it is UTF-8 encoded. For the text, it provides options only for copying the hashes to the clipboard. There is no option for saving the hashes to the files.

IgorWare Hasher

IgorWare Hasher offers only very popular hash alogorithms CRC32, MD5, and SHA1. Out of these, only SHA-1 is considered a little bit safer as the other two have been found to contain vulnerabilities. It would be better if it offered SHA512 too.

You can download IgorWare Hasher from https://www.igorware.com/hasher.