vMix : Powerful Live Video Streamer, Mixer and Switcher

Live streaming services like Twitch and Youtube have become so popular that they have become the main source of income for thousands of people all over the world. But for starting live streaming over these platforms, you have to have a really good setup complete with a HD camera, microphone and proper lighting in your room. In addition, you will also need a good software that can be used for mixing and streaming your live video streams. If you are looking for a live streaming or a video mixing software, then you can use vMix software for all of your video mixing, recording or streaming needs.

vMix is a comprehensive video mixing, live streaming, switching and recording software. It can work with all video definitions – SD, HD, and 4K resolutions. It can capture the input from a variety of sources such as digital cameras, web cam, video files, images, video files, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and more. According to the vMix developers, the real time mixing of HD videos was only possible through hardware mixers before vMix was developed.


Even with all these features, vMix does not have a complicated or confusing interface. In fact the user interface is a very intuitive and allows you to add a number of inputs to the list. The source media is shown to the left and the processed output is displayed to the right of the screen. In addition to camera inputs, it can also capture the desktop activity and use it a video source.

You can apply various effects, transitions and other filters from the window easily. The interface allows for multiple sources so that you can hook up dozens of HD camera inputs to your PC and switch to them as you want just like those big TV networks do. This is great not only for superb video productions but also for live streaming shows.

You can download vMix from https://www.vmix.com/.