Manage Audiobooks, Paper Books and eBooks with Alfa eBooks Manager

If you cannot find whether you have already read a book or if you even purchased it before, then what you need is a book management software like Alfa eBooks Manager. This software can be used to create and manage an e-library that can hold complete listings for all of your audio books, e-books as well as the traditional paper books. This software works on Windows and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to manage their own personal libraries.

Alfa eBooks Manager offers an easy-to-follow user interface that does not take much to figure out. You can start adding books or files by choosing the respective icons from the toolbar. When adding a new book to your library, you have to specify all the information about that book such as the title, authors, publishers, year of publication, edition, ISBN codes, Google ID and more. You can also add images for the front and the back covers of the book. It can also update the details about a book by downloading more data from the internet.

Alfa eBooks Manager

If you do not want to bother adding all the details manually, then you can use options for adding details from Amazon catalog, from the internet, and from the OPDS database. This makes it very easy and quick to add your books and later you can edit the minor details if you want. The program also comes with an ebook converter that can be used the convert ebooks from one format to another. Using this tool you can make ebooks compatible with Amazon Kindle, iPhone or Android reader.

As with any library management software, the best part of Alfa eBooks Manager is its advanced search. You can find any book and all its details just by searching for keywords related to it. Even if you don’t own the books, you can use it to create wish-lists that you are going to buy and read in the future.

You can download Alfa eBooks Manager from