View Hard Drive Power Information with drivePowerState

When you turn on the power of your Windows PC, its hard drive is immediately powered and starts spinning. Windows is very intelligent operating system and when it does not need to read or write to the hard drive, it can power off the hard drive. This is when your hard drive stops spinning and cools down. Using this feature, Windows can both save the power consumed by your hard drive and reduce its temperature.

But instead of guessing when your hard drive has been powered down by Windows, you can use a freeware tool called drivePowerState to find out the power state information of all of your drives. It is a portable tool and does not require any installation. You can just extract the downloaded archive file to a folder and run drivePowerState.exe from there. Upon the very first launch, it creates a new settings file and shows information regarding this file.


In the drivePowerState window, you will see all the hard disk drives that are currently attached to your computer. You will see all the basic information for the hard drives such as their serial numbers, volumes associated with each of the disk drives, mount points (drive letters), power status, idle time, powered time, duty cycle, and the total number of the cycles. By default it is going to update the information every minute automatically, but you can also manually update the information by clicking on the Refresh/Reset Disks button.


In the settings of the drivePowerState, you can change the update frequency in terms of the minutes which is one minute as the default value. You can also save the power state changes in a log file and also a continuous log file. The program can be minimized to the system tray for convenience. It should be run for a long time to collect data for the power state changes for a hard drive in your Windows PC.

You can download drivePowerState from