Manage Scheduled Tasks from within Firefox with Todoist

Todoist provides task management solution for a number of platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It is also available for the popular web browsers in form of an extension. In case of the Firefox browser, it allows you to right-click on any webpage and add that webpage to the list of tasks for later reading.

After the installation of Todoist extension in the Firefox browser, you have to first login using Google or Facebook or create a new account. All of your tasks and projects are stored in the cloud for your account and can be synced across various devices and apps if you use the same account on all these devices.

Todoist for Firefox

Todoist installs an icon in the Firefox toolbar from where you can access a list of all of your tasks and projects listed in the chronological order. From here, you can either check off a previously added task if you have completed it or add new tasks. You can start a new project containing multiple tasks which is going to help you go through each of the tasks in a systematic manner. Under each of the tasks, you can create many sub-tasks as necessary. All the tasks and projects can be renamed to suit your requirements.

Todoist for Firefox

Other than adding a website as a task, adding new tasks and completing these tasks, nothing much is allowed in the Firefox extension version of Todoist. Other features such a reminders, templates and automatic backups are not available in the free version. For these features you will have to upgrade to the premium version of Todoist which costs US$3 per month. In addition, there are many more features that are available only in the desktop apps and mobile apps version of Todoist.

You can get the Todoist extension for Firefox browser from