Create Thumbnail Sheets with Pictures Thumbnails Maker

If you want to manage your pictures collection then it is best to keep them in various folders depending on the pictures. For example, you can put all of your summer vacation pictures in a folder named “summer2019”. But if you want to see which of these pictures are in which folder, you have to go through the images one after another. It would be better if you could take a look at just one picture containing the thumbnails of the all the pictures so that you can know which of the pictures are stored in a folder.

You can create such images having a number of thumbnails of other pictures arranged in an array using the free Pictures Thumbnails Maker. This software has no other function but it provides so many options for just generating thumbnail sheets containing all the images from a specific folder.

Pictures Thumbnails Maker

Pictures Thumbnails Maker has a very easy-to-use user interface. You have to basically select a folder containing the pictures and click on the “Start” button. This will create a thumbnails sheet and save it in the same folder as the one that contain the source images.

But it allows you to fully customize the way the thumbnail sheets are generated. There are four presets given that can be customized. For each of the presets, you can define the number of thumbnails in the matrix, whether the matrix has equal size thumbnails or some thumbnails have special sizes, the number of rows or columns in a matrix, how to fit the pictures of various sizes in the matrix, the maximum size of thumbnail tiles, whether to add borders or shadows to the thumbnails, background color, watermarks, and more.

Pictures Thumbnails Maker

Pictures Thumbnails Maker is very easy for the inexperienced beginners and feature rich for the advanced users. Using this program we can create picture thumbnails, collages and manage our picture collections.

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