PrivateWin10 : Tweak Advanced Privacy Settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 is an amazing operating system and Microsoft keeps adding more and more improvements every now and then to it, but it is also a well documented fact that Windows 10 dials back home. That is, Windows 10 collects some of the user data and sends it back to Microsoft servers for their analysis. As a consequence, there are many tools available for preventing this from happening, for example, Spybot Anti-beacon, Ashampoo Antispy, DoNotSpy10, Disable Windows 10 Tracking and so on.

Now you can improve your Windows 10 privacy settings along with managing the Windows Firewall rules using a freeware tool PrivateWin10. This tool is specially designed to work only with Windows 10 even though some of the settings may also work with Windows 8.1. As you launch PrivateWin10 for the very first time, it will display a small configuration window. From here you can set it to run automatically at Windows startup, install it as a service, make it manage Windows Firewall rules and more.


In the user interface of PrivateWin10, you will be able to quickly disable all the features that help Windows 10 dial back home, for example, you can disable Telemetry and Error Reporting. There are many other features that can be disabled such as Cortana, Online Search, Windows Defender, SmartScreen, Advertisement, LockScreen, Personalization, Push Notifications, OneDrive, Microsoft Accounts, Microsoft App Store and more.


PrivateWin10 also offers a much more convenient way of managing Windows Firewall rules. You can see all the rules and currently open connections. You can add new rules, new programs and edit the old rules. You can grant full access or block access just by a single click. You can create and change category for various rules or programs.

PrivateWin10 is a very useful tool for the privacy conscious Windows users who also want to an easy way to manage Windows Firewall.

You can download PrivateWin10 from