Reduce PDF Size with PassportPDF PDF Reducer Cloud

If you have a large PDF file and want to email it to someone, you should compress it first in order to make data transfer quicker. Larger files are not easy to download for everyone and not many people are going to wait for the PDF to be downloaded before moving on to some other task at hand. Fortunately, compressing PDF files and reducing their file size is very easy through PDF Reducer Cloud.

Here is how you can use PDF Reducer Cloud for reducing the file size of the PDF documents:

  1. First of all you have to create an account on PassportPDF by visiting The account is free and after you have created an account, you should get your passport number from there.
  2. Launch PDF Reducer Cloud and it will ask you for PassportPDF passport number. Copy paste the number you received in step 1 above and click on the OK button. This free passport number will give your 2000 tokens per month for free.PDF Reducer Cloud
  3. Now you can choose a source PDF file in PDF Reducer Cloud window. You have to choose a destination folder too. You can choose the number of threads used for compression of the PDF before clicking on the Start button.PDF Reducer Cloud
  4. It will upload the PDF file to the PassportPDF servers where the file is processed and compressed. Information about all the steps of the progress are displayed in the window. When the processing is finished, the compressed PDF is downloaded and put in the destination folder.PDF Reducer Cloud

PDF Reducer Cloud makes use of the PassportPDF cloud PDF services to reduce the PDF file size. It can automatically compress the images and other superfluous data inside the PDF to make it smaller. Unfortunately the tokens provided by a free PassportPDF account are only 2000 per month and are consumed rather quickly.

You can download PassportPDF PDF Reducer Cloud from