Teeworlds : Free Online Multiplayer Action Game

Teeworlds is an online multiplayer game where you compete with a maximum of 16 other players from all over the world. Since all the game servers use different maps, you get the chance to join in different maps and different players. In fact, Teeworlds is a funny version of the popular Unreal Tournament game. Just like the original Unreal Tournament, it also features the game modes like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag – both modes work just the same manner as in Unreal Tournament. You can play these modes only if they are available on any online game servers.


Teeworlds is an good old-fashioned action game where you don’t need heavy duty graphics cards or a big array of RAM modules. This two-dimensional side-scrolling game is portable too, so that you don’t have to install anything. Just extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive and start playing.


Teeworlds is available for all the platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is a very small download (nearly 10 MB) and that is all you need to enter the amazing action-packed world of Teeworlds. It is a multiplayer game and you have to be online to find the game servers. However the game packages comes with a server program too. You can use this server to setup your own Teeworlds game server locally and invite your friends over the LAN to join and play the game.


You basically depend on the maps that it comes with and the maps set by the game servers. But you can design your own maps using the map creation toolkit available from Teeworlds website. But if you want other players to join your game, then they first have to download your map so that they can also play in the same map.

You can download Teeworlds from https://www.teeworlds.com/.

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