Simple Video Cutter : Easy Tool for Video Cutting and Trimming

If you have to do some basic editing of your videos then you do not have to buy some expensive software. Instead of spending your hard earned money on costly software suites that are meant only for the professionals, you can use an open-source tool like Simple Video Cutter. It is an easy-to-use video editing software that leverages other open-source tools such as FFmpeg to help you cut out parts of the video or extract portions into video files of many different formats.

Simple Video Cutter has a very nice user interface that needs no explanation. You can start by opening a video file in its window. The interface shows the basic video playback controls using which you can find the starting and ending points for the section of the video that you want to cut or extract. On the side-bar there are controls to select the range that you want to extract. There is also a tool to move back or forward frame-by-frame so that you can make precise selection.

Simple Video Cutter

Once you have made a selection, you can click on the Enqueue button to extract the selected part into a video file. Here you can choose whether you want to re-encode the video or just copy the source without any modification. Since all the processing is done by FFmpeg in the background, you can start working with new videos while FFmpeg is extracting and processing the video files. Depending on your computer’s hardware and configuration, it may take a shorter or longer time to finish processing the video trimming tasks.

Simple Video Cutter is a useful tool for trimming or cutting videos. It uses FFmpeg and offers a very clean user interface that even beginners can follow in just a few seconds.

You can download Simple Video Cutter from