Convert Any Page, Image or Link to PDF in Firefox Using PDF2Go

Suppose you have just stumbled upon a very interesting article or image on a website and want to save it as PDF file. Which steps will you usually take to save it as PDF? Perhaps you will first save the webpage or image to your local hard drive, then use a PDF converter app like Best PDF Converter to perform the conversion. But if you have installed the PDF2Go extension in your Firefox web browser, then you do not need all these steps. You can convert any webpage, website link or online image directly to PDF file using PDF2Go.

PDF2Go adds two things in your Firefox web browser – an icon in the toolbar and the right-click context menu. Using the menu that pops out when you click on the toolbar icon of PDF2Go, you can choose a number of PDF related operations such as editing, compression, conversion to or from PDF, merging or splitting, sorting & deleting PDF and rotating of PDF documents. When you select any of these actions, it takes you to the PDF2Go website and you are given online PDF operation options.


If you are on a website and want to convert an image, a webpage or a link to PDF file, then you can just right-click on it and select PDF2Go from the context menu. A sub-menu will be available depending on the type of object you have right-clicked on. It allows you to convert image to PDF, convert link to PDF or convert page to PDF. Again, these operations are performed on the PDF2Go website but this time all the required fields are pre-filled, you just have to pick some options and click on the convert button.


PDF2Go does make it much more convenient to convert any webpage, online image or a link to PDF file. It is much faster than doing everything manually using offline software. There are many more PDF related operations available through PDF2Go web app.

You can get the PDF2Go extension for Firefox from