Best PDF Converter : Convert PDF Documents to Other Formats

PDF documents are favored document types when you have to send some official records online as PDF maintains the look and format including the fonts irrespective of the platform and application used to view the PDF documents. This means that if you create a PDF document in your computer, it will look exactly the same no matter who views it or prints it located anywhere in the world.

But sometimes, PDF documents have to be converted to other type of file formats so that you can easily edit them. This makes sense because users find it much more convenient to edit other types of files such as images or Microsoft Word documents, than editing PDF documents. And now you can use Best PDF Converter to convert the file formats of any PDF document easily. It supports conversion of PDF documents into Microsoft Word DOC, TXT, JPG, BMP and TIFF files. Furthermore, it can also reverse the process – it can convert other files into PDF documents.

Best PDF Converter

The user interface of this PDF software is very easy to use. You start by adding all the files that you want to convert. Based on the file type you have added, you can choose the conversion options. For PDF files, you can convert them to TXT, DOC, or Images. Similarly, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, image files can be converted into PDF documents. After adding files and selecting the conversion type, you can just click on the Convert button to start the conversion.

Best PDF Converter makes it very easy to convert Mcirosoft Office documents or image files into PDF and also PDF documents into image files or Microsoft Office documents. It also comes with some addition features to work with PDF files such as watermarking, encryption, and extraction of pages from a PDF file.

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