Convert HEIC Images into JPG, PNG or PDF with HEIC File Converter

Apple’s new HEIC image format is said to be a replacement for the popular JPEG image format. JPEG was introduced to store pictures with a very high compression and at the same time having a very good picture quality in order to save the storage space. HEIC format takes the compression a level further and can be used to save high quality pictures while at the same time giving twice the compression offered by the JPEG format. Since HEIC image format is relatively new, older devices, image editor software and operating systems do not have any native support for it.

Until such a support is added, if you want to work with HEIC images in your computer, then you have to first convert them into other common image formats like JPEG or PNG. A free tool called HEIC File Converter can help you quickly convert all of your HEIC images into JPG, PNG or PDF files.

HEIC File Converter

The user interface of HEIC File Converter allows you to add the HEIC files just by dragging-n-dropping. You can also add them by clicking on the Add Heic button from the toolbar. After adding all of your files, you can simply click on the Convert button to start the conversion. It will display the progress for each file in the same window and put a green check mark to indicate that the conversion has been a success.

HEIC File Converter

From the options of the HEIC File Converter, you can choose the target file format – JPG, PNG or PDF. There are no file format specific settings available. For example, you cannot choose the JPEG quality or compression level. Similarly, you cannot choose any PDF related settings. But this also keeps things much simpler and easier for the user.

HEIC File Converter

Conclusion: HEIC File Converter can convert HEIC image files easily into other popular formats like JPEG, PNG and PDF. It is fast, easy, reliable and can recognize all the HEIC images irrespective of their origin.

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