Dr. Hardware : PC Hardware Information and Benchmark Tool

Dr. Hardware is a hardware and software configuration analysis and benchmark tool for Windows computers. It can show you complete information about your computer’s hardware, installed software, and system information. It also offers you a number of benchmark tools as well as general testing tools.

In its user interface you can find all the various sections to the left and all the tools under these sections. For example, if you want to find about the hardware, then you have to select Hardware section and pick any of the sub-items like processor, bios, mainboard, memory modules etc. Moreover, near the top of the window there is a Quick Menu that lets you find a section to explore from a single menu instead of going through all these sections.

Dr. Hardware 2020

Under the Software section, you can find version of the installed Windows operating system, special folders, registered file extensions, task manager, power management settings, security settings, installed Windows updates, auto-start entries, services, and shortcuts to various Windows tools. You can also see a list of installed third-party software and web browsers.

You will find some very advanced information under the System section. For example, it can display the chipset details for your system, IRQ, DMA and I/O settings, and CMOS. You will also find physical memory (RAM) usage, running processes and modules here.

Dr. Hardware has a number of benchmark tools for system, multi-core processors, videos, drives, CD/DVD, SCSI, network and internet. Furthermore there are many other tests for your computer screen, for keyboard, for rating your system and comparing it with others etc.

Dr. Hardware is available in two languages English and German. The English version is not so often updated but you can simply copy the drhard.ini file from the English version to the German version to make it mostly English.

You can download Dr. Hardware from https://www.dr-hardware.com/ and http://www.drhardware.de/.


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