Copy DVD Movies to Hard Drive with 1Click DVD Copy

It is common these days to have professionals record the events such as wedding ceremonies and birthday parties so that we can enjoy these wonderful moments in our life again and again. These professionals often provide us with the videos in the DVD or SD card format. If you want to backup these DVD movies on your hard drive, then you can use a software like 1Click DVD Copy. It is a very easy-to-use software that can copy DVD movies to a blank DVD or to your hard drive. It can automatically compress the movies to save space on your hard drive or to copy an entire dual-layer 8 GB DVD on a blank 4.7 GB DVD.

In order to copy any DVD movie on your hard drive, you have to insert the DVD in your DVD drive and then launch 1Click DVD Copy. It will automatically analyze the contents of the DVD and choose a compression method. But if the contents of the DVD are not that large in file size. For example, when I used a wedding movie DVD that was only 3.8 GB in size, it showed the following message:

1Click DVD Copy

It makes sense to make an exact copy of the DVD without compression because smaller movies will not take too much space and will only slow down the copying process. In case of the larger DVD movies (around 8 GB), it will choose a compression method. At this point you can click on the Start button to start the copy process.

1Click DVD Copy

During the DVD copy process, it displays all the progress in the small circular window. It will also show the progress in the round progress bar. Every file that is copied, every language and the total movie progress is displayed. The process takes many minutes to complete so you can sit back and relax or make a cup of coffee.

1Click DVD Copy

When the copying is complete, you can check the movie from the folder where it is saved. You can change this folder from the 1Click DVD Copy options. In these options, you can change the source drive, destination drive, and the working folder.

1Click DVD Copy

1Click DVD Copy is an excellent software to make DVD copies without splitting them on 2 blank DVDs. It can also save the movies on your hard drive for easy access. It cannot copy encrypted or protected DVD movies.

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