Create & Manage Hotkeys in Windows with Perfect Hotkey

In a Windows PC, some tasks can be launched upon the pressing of a particular key combination on your keyboard. Such a key combination is called a hotkey and is often used for launching certain tasks that are very frequently used by Windows users. For example, you can use the hotkey Win+R to open the Run dialog. Some hotkeys come pre-configured with Windows while you can create your own hotkeys using a software like Perfect Hotkey which is a smart tool to create and manage hotkeys in Windows.

From the user interface of the Perfect Hotkey software, you can choose to create new hotkeys, manage already existing hotkeys, canned messages, export or import the settings and view how many hotkeys have been activated at any given time.

Perfect Hotkey

When you create a new hotkey, it shows all the required options for the task. Basically, you have to choose one or more of the modifier keys (Alt, Shift, Win, or Ctrl) and one normal alphanumeric key, you have to add at least one actions to the hotkey (like opening a website or running a command), add a description for the hotkey and click on the OK button.

Perfect Hotkey

In addition to creating hotkeys, Perfect Hotkey can also be used to store some canned speeches that can be inserted anywhere in any text editor. For this you can use the hotkey Ctrl+Win+A to bring up the canned speech window from where you can insert the canned speeches. You can also add more canned text from this window. You can use this feature to quickly insert very commonly used text snippets when replying to email messages.

Perfect Hotkey

Perfect Key places an icon in the notification area from where you can create new hotkeys, manage existing hotkeys, eject or insert CD/DVD drives, access canned messages or shutdown your Windows computer. In the settings for Perfect Key the only option is for choosing a user interface language.

Perfect Hotkey

Perfect Key is a great way to create and manage your hotkeys. Carefully created hotkeys through Perfect Key can not only save your precious time  but also make it easy to go through the monotonous work everyday.

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