jfPaint : Quick and Easy Image Editor for Windows

As a Windows PC user, if you desire a little more from Microsoft Paint but at the same time you are scared of advanced image editors like GIMP, then you may want something like jfPaint. It is a small but effective image editor that can work with many image file formats BMP, JPG, XFM, SVG or JFPAINT. It support layers through a proprietary image format JFPAINT but its undo capacity is rather limited.

It is designed using Java but it comes with portable JRE and this way runs even on the systems that do not have JRE installed. You can open either an already existing image in jfPaint or draw on the canvas to create a new image. There are many drawing tools available for this – pencil, curve, line, box, circle, text etc.


jfPaint supports a tabbed user interface which makes it easy for you to open multiple images in the same window under different tabs. This way you can copy paste across many images without much trouble. Using tools like selection, replacement, gradient, Gaussian blur etc., you can quickly manipulate images. You can also choose foreground and background colors using a number of different color palettes like swatches, HSV, HSL, RGB, or CMYK color schemes. For ease of color selection, it displays a preview of how the foreground and background colors will appear on the canvas. Moreover, you can switch to Alpha, Red, Green or Blue color modes so that you edit only those parts.

Even though its old looking interface appears to be from the Windows 95 times, you will discover many modern features once you start using it. jfPaint is a small and easy-to-use image editor that can do some basic editing. It is a tool to keep on your PC for quick editing needs like resizing, cropping or annotating images.

You can download jfPaint from http://jfpaint.sourceforge.net/.