Cyclonis World Time Displays Multiple Clocks in Windows or Mac

Thanks to the advantage of the internet, so many people have given up on the 9 to 5 job schedule and are working as freelancers. But when you are working as a freelancer, accepting projects from all over the world, you have to keep a tab on the local time for various countries. Many times you have to collaborate with other freelancers from other countries. Without knowing the local time for those cities in the world, you might not to work with others. For always knowing the time of various cities in the world, you can use a freeware Cyclonis World Time. This application displays the local time for your location and allows you to add clocks for many different cities.

The installer for Cyclonis World Time is designed in such a way that it cannot be used offline. You have to be online during the installation, as it downloads all the files one by one from the internet and then finishes the installation. It is a slow process and can be very annoying if your internet connection is slow. Personally I think this sort of installers are unnecessary for small applications like World Time.

Cyclonis World Timer

The user interface of Cyclonis World Time displays your system time unless you have given it permission to find your location (either through GPS chip in your computer or through IP address) in which case it will display the time of your city irrespective of your system time settings. You can add new clocks from this interface – each clock can be configured to show the time of any city in the world. Adding city is also very easy as it displays many matching cities as soon as you start typing the name of a location.

Cyclonis World Timer

All the added clocks can be displayed on the desktop in a floating window. This floating window can be arranged to display the clocks in vertical or horizontal array. You can choose different themes or colors and opacity for the clocks. You can drag these clocks anywhere on your screen.

Cyclonis World Timer

Cyclonis World Time makes it easy for you to track the current time across many different timezones without having to search Google. It is a great application for those who collaborate with other professionals all over the world.

You can download Cyclonis World Timer from