Droid Transfer : Manage, Backup and Copy Content Between Android Phone and PC

In order to balance your life between your smartphone and your PC, you have to often copy files back and forth between the two devices everyday. Droid Transfer can be used for copying messages, music files, pictures, videos, calendars, contacts, call logs, and other type of files between your smartphone and your PC. You can also manage the apps installed on your phone using this easy to use software. It does not require any USB cable and your phone does not have to be rooted.

Transfer files over WiFi or USB cable

Before you can begin using Droid Transfer for managing files on your phone, you have to setup everything properly. This includes installation of Droid Transfer software on your Windows PC, installation of Transfer Companion app on your Android smartphone and connecting both of the devices (PC and phone) to the same WiFi network. If you do not want to use WiFi, then an ordinary USB data cable can also be used but that demands another requirement – your Android phone must have developer options enabled.

Droid Transfer

Scan QR code for instant connection

When you are using a WiFi network for Droid Transfer, you can instantly connect your smartphone. All you have to do is launch Droid Transfer software on your PC which will display a small QR code, then you can launch Transfer Companion app on your phone and scan the QR code from your PC. The connection is established instantly. If you are using a USB data cable to connect, there is no need of scanning any code.

Transfer Companion

User friendly interface

When your Android device is connected, it shows some basic information about that device such as the model, Transfer Companion version, Android OS version, battery charge remaining etc. From its easy-to-use interface, you can choose what you want to copy or backup by selecting the respective section such as Messages, Music, Photos, Call Logs, Contacts, Files etc. There is a “Disconnect” option which can be used to disconnect your Android phone when you are finished using copying messages or files.

Droid Transfer

Read, save & print messages stored on Android phone

It displays all the SMS (text messages) and MMS messages that are stored on your smartphone. All the messages are listed along with their senders, mobile numbers and the time when they were received. You can read these messages on your PC screen. You can save these messages on your PC in form of PDF, TXT or HTML files. You can also print them on your printer directly from the Droid Transfer interface.

In order to print the text messages, the first thing you have to do is select the Messages feature from the left side list in order to view them all. If you want to see messages only for a particular time or date, then you can click on Set Dates to set a range of dates for which the messages are to be displayed. After this, you can choose to print the messages from the toolbar which will show the usual printing dialog in Windows. If your printer is connected and is powered on, it will start printing your text messages right away.

Droid Transfer

Install or remove apps from Android

Droid Transfer displays a list of all the apps that are installed on your Android smartphone. Since it does not need root access, it displays only user installed apps. The ones that are system installed are not displayed. You can check more information about these apps, copy them to your PC (to backup the APK file) and remove them. It also allows you to install new apps using an APK file.

Droid Transfer

Backup calendars and contacts to PC

Not only you can view calendars and contacts in Droid Transfer, but you can also backup them on your PC. These two things are perhaps the most important things in everyone’s phone. When switching to new phone or in case you lose your phone, you can use the backup copy of the contacts using Droid Transfer. It allows instant restore of these backup contacts to your new phone.

Droid Transfer


Wide Angle Software’s Droid Transfer is a very useful software for managing, copying and backing up files from your Android devices to your PC. It can copy messages, music, videos, photos, calendars, contacts, call logs, clipboard, apps and more. It is very easy to use and works with all the Android devices.

You can download Droid Transfer from https://www.wideanglesoftware.com/droidtransfer/.