FFmpegYAG : GUI FrontEnd for FFmpeg Media Processor

FFmpegYAG is a Windows application that is designed to be a GUI front-end for the popular media processing tool FFmpeg. It works on all the versions of Windows and comes packed with all the necessary FFmpeg files. It is a portable tool and does not require any installation.

Even though FFmpegYAG comes with all the binary files for FFmpeg, it is better to download the FFmpeg binary files optimized for your processor and use them instead. As you launch FFmpegYAG for the very first time, it will ask you which of the FFmpeg binaries are to be used.

In the user interface of FFmpegYAG, you will find all the common options that are available through the FFmpeg media processing tool. You can first select the source media files which could be only video files. After adding one or more of the video files, you can choose the output media container, output video file, output video codec, output audio codec, add subtitles file, cropping or trimming of the video frames. You can select several parts from any video and choose to join them together in the final video in any order. It shows a preview of the video as you are making the selection.


When you click on the Encode button, it starts working on all the tasks that you have added. All of the options you have selected are passed to the FFmpeg program. You can also save the command line script into a CMD file so that you can later use it without the help of FFmpegYAG.

FFmpegYAG does make FFmpeg easy to use even if you don’t know the command synatx for FFmpeg. But power users of FFmpeg might find it rather limited as some advanced options are not available through it.

You can download FFmpegYAG from https://sourceforge.net/projects/ffmpegyag/.