FileFriend : Split, Join, Concat, Trim, Encrypt and Compare Files

FileFriend is the Swiss army knife of file operations in Windows. In this small program, you will find so many tools that can work on your files to split large files into smaller ones, join the smaller files back into large file, concatenate two or more files together, trim files, encrypt or decrypt files, and compare files. It can also be used to hide pictures or messages inside the JPEG pictures.

FileFriend has a tabbed user interface with one tab dedicated to each of the file functions. Under the Split and Join tabs, you can split large files into many smaller ones and join small segments back into the large file respectively. You can split the large file based on how many smaller segments you want or on the maximum size of the smaller split segments desired.


Under the Concat tab, you can join multiple files into a single file. You can join any type of files including text and pictures. This is not same as the “Join” feature because you are not joining together previously split files. A reverse of this is the Trim feature which allows you to remove bytes from the beginning or the end of a file.

You will find file encryption tools under the Encrypt tab. It uses FC1 and FC2 encryption but mentions that FC1 is deprecated and is provided only for backward compatibility with older versions of FileFriend. It also comes with JPK and JTX steganography tools that allow hiding other files or text messages inside ordinary JPEG files. You can also extract the hidden files from the JPEG images that have any such hidden items. There is a basic comparison tool that can compare two files in the binary mode telling you if they are different.

You can download FileFriend from