QuickMemoryTestOK Checks RAM Modules for Problems

These days RAM modules are so cheap that you can go crazy and install more RAM than you would ever need. The amount of RAM that you can have on your computer is only limited by the maximum capacity allowed by the motherboard. But with so much RAM available, chances are that some memory always stays unused in your computer. This means that if you buy new computer or a new RAM module, it will stay unused until you run a resource hungry application – that is when you might find any RAM defect if there is any present.

If you have just bought a new RAM module, then you can test it to the full extent using a freeware QuickMemoryTestOK. It can load your RAM to the full and verify if any loaded memory is corrupt. If there is any problem with the RAM, you can return it while it is still under warranty.


In this application, there is pretty much no configuration needed. You can just launch it and click on the Start the Test button. You will receive a very fast test result showing you if any invalid bytes were returned. You can choose how many loops of the memory test you want to run from 1 to 10. You can also decide to run it infinitely and manually stop the test by clicking on the Stop the Test button.

Other than this, it also displays some very useful information about your installed memory modules. It shows the channel, manufacturer, serial number, model number, and the clock frequency of the RAM modules found on your motherboard. You can use this information to order a new RAM module to replace the older defective ones. You can read our article about what you should know before buying new RAM modules.

You can download QuickMemoryTestOK from https://www.softwareok.com/?seite=Microsoft/QuickMemoryTestOK.