Free Audio Recorder : Record Audio as MP3 or OGG

When you want to record your own voice or something else being played on your computer, you can use a software like Audacity. But Audacity has simply too many features to be considered ideal for very quick and simple recording tasks. For quickly recording something without having to worry about complicated options, you can use a freeware called Free Audio Recorder.

Free Audio Recorder is a small sound recording application for Windows that can select the input audio stream from any of the available recording devices and save it as MP3 or OGG file. In its user interface, you can select the recording device, audio stream resolution, audio channels, sampling frequency, etc. You can also choose the MP3 bitrate and OGG quality that will be used when saving the files.

Free Audio Recorder

In the toolbar, it gives you all the options for picking a destination file format (MP3 or OGG), recording, pausing or stopping buttons and shortcuts to access Windows control panel for audio devices. In its window you will also find a place from where you can observe the log of all the activity.

You can use Free Audio Recorder to record the playback from your older collection of tapes or audio CDs. You can connect the output from any audio CD player or cassette tape player to the “Line In” of your Windows PC. After this you can use Free Audio Recorder to record the audio stream from “Line In” and save it as MP3 file.

Free Audio Recorder

Free Audio Recorder is a convenient way of recording the audio from your microphone or from any sound being played on your PC. It can save the recordings as MP3 or OGG files. For both the file formats, you can choose the recording quality and other options.

You can download Free Audio Recorder from