FxSound Improves Sound Quality in Windows PC

If even after buying expensive headphones like Sennheiser Orpheus and using high-quality streaming settings in Spotify, you are not able to fully enjoy listening to your favorite music then you can blame the cheap electronic components inside your computer or the compression used in your music files or by online streaming service provider. In order to compensate the quality loss due to these factors, you need a special software called FxSound.

Instant sound quality boost

FxSound is an audio enhancement software for Windows computers. It can enhance the sound quality when you are playing music, listening to an audiobook or watching movies through online streaming services. Since it installs a sound device driver in your PC and routes all the sound being played on your PC through this device, it works with all the apps and streaming services.


You can show or hide its window by left-clicking on its notification area icon. It displays the frequency spectrum of the sound being played in your Windows PC. You can also toggle it on or off from this small window and see how it is modifying your sound quality.

Crystal clear sound using effects

From among the effects that you can apply using FxSound are fidelity, ambience, 3D surround, dynamic boost and bass. Their values can be manually adjusted or you can choose one of the presets provides in a list. You can access this list by clicking “Presets” in the menubar. Some of the presets included in FxSound are standard processing, studio quality, volume boost, vocal boost, dialog boost, heavy bass, bass boost, heavy ambience, ambience boost, nightclub, etc.


Adjust frequency range using equalizer

It also has a standard equalizer using which you can adjust or gain the frequency ranges of the output sound. Just like other effects, it can also be adjusted manually or by selecting one of the presets from the list. If you have messed up a preset values, then you can simply reset its values to the default levels.


Final thoughts

FxSound does make a difference in the sound output quality and you can enjoy high quality sound using even some cheap headphones or Bluetooth speakers. But of course, it is not a replacement for high end headphones. It can enhance sound but for real sound enhancement, you will have to invest in a little bit expensive hardware.

You can download FxSound from http://www.fxsound.com/.