Debotnet : Control Privacy and Data Collection Settings in Windows 10

Soon after Windows 10 was first released, people discovered that Windows has been busy collecting their data and sending it off to Microsoft servers. Ever since then so many programs have been released with the sole mission to disable these data collection settings, for example, Disable Win Tracking, DoNotSpy10, O&O Shutup, Spybot Anti-Beacon, Ashampoo Antispy, etc. The large number of these anti-spyware apps that can disable spy settings present in Windows 10 is evidence enough to show that how frustrated Windows users are from the never ending data collection features in this popular operating system.

Now there is another such app called Debotnet that gives you options to disable all such tracking and data collection features from Windows among some other undesirable things. Debotnet is an open-source tool and gives you an easy access to all the settings hidden deep inside the Windows registry. You have to select all the scripts you want to run (such as Disable Cortana) and then click on “Run” to execute them. You can also test a simulation without actually running the scripts. Depending on the scripts selected, they may make changes to the file system or edit Windows registry. At present there are 105 different scripts in Debotnet including scripts that remove the pre-installed apps from Windows 10.


Unlike some other similar apps such as Ashampoo Antispy, it does not indicate whether some settings are already disabled and need not to be done again. It acts more like a batch script with a GUI front-end where you can select which scripts you want to run and then execute them. All the scripts included in Debotnet can be edited and updated by the user. But this should be done by advanced users only otherwise some important features might get disabled in Windows 10.

You can download Debotet from

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