Libre Hardware Monitor Shows PC Hardware, Temperature & Fan Speed

Libre Hardware Monitor is an open-source tool for displaying hardware information in a Windows computer. It can also detect the sensors installed in your PC and use them to tell you the current temperatures for the motherboard, processor, graphics card and hard drive. It can also tell you fan speeds for all the cooling fans installed in your PC. Furthermore, you can see real-time load on your CPU, the voltage level and their clock frequency.

Libre Hardware Monitor is a portable software and does not require installation. It features a user interface that displays all of your PC hardware in a tree-view control. Everything is categorized and you can expand every branch to see more details about the hardware. In the interface, you will see your PC model, CPU, various CPU cores (their frequencies, their loads and their powers), the RAM (how much it is being used, how much is installed, how much is available), virtual memory, hard drive capacities, hard drive temperatures, hard drive data transfer rates, network(WiFi, Ethernet) load and data transfer rates etc. You can save this report in form of a TXT file for later use.

Libre Hardware Monitor

Libre Hardware Monitor can be used to monitor your PC hardware from a remote location. For this it can be run as a server and that server can be accessed from anywhere in the world through a web browser. In order to run this server, you can select Options → Remote Web Server → Run.

Libre Hardware Monitor

This web server can then be accessed from the IP address of your computer. The proper URL of this webpage can be obtained by selecting Options → Remote Web Server → Port which allows you to select a custom port and also displays the access URL. The webpage version of Libre Hardware Monitor is exactly the same as the Windows application version, but you cannot make any changes to its settings from the webpage version.

You can download Libre Hardware Monitor from