RandPass Lite : Password and Phrase Generator for Windows

When you are creating a new online account for any sort of service, you have to pick a username and password. To ensure that your account stays secure, you must choose a non-dictionary, not-easy-to-guess, long and impersonal password. There are many methods of creating such passwords, and many experts have given many different guidelines on creating strong passwords. However, the best and easiest way to come up with a strong password is through password generator tools such as RandPass Lite.

It is a Windows application that can generate multiple passwords at the single click of your mouse button. It is available both as an installer and also as a portable program. In its user interface, you can choose the password length, character sets to use and the number of passwords you want. It includes character sets like lower case letters, upper case letters, digits, and also allows you to add your own custom characters. There are options to prevent similar characters from appearing together and add your own custom format. Clicking on the Generate Passwords button will instantly generate and display passwords in the list. You can copy and save these passwords to a .TXT file.

RandPass Lite

It can also generate phrases containing multiple words. For this, you have to switch to the Words tab and select the number of words per phrase, a delimiter character to be used such as dash (‘-‘), a word list (it comes with many different word list that you can choose from), and any modification in the word case that you want (upper case, first letter upper case, mixed case etc). After picking how many such phrases you want, you can click on the Generate Passwords button and it will display the generated phrases in the list. Just like with the passwords, you can copy them to the clipboard or save them to a TXT file.

RandPass Lite

RandPass Lite can generate many passwords using selected character sets. There is a feature for checking any duplicate passwords in the list, but it does not come with any password strength checking tool. Users have to use their own knowledge to ensure that passwords are strong – for example, ensure that passwords are 10 characters are longer, they contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits and special characters.

You can download RandPass Lite from http://www.den4b.com/products/randpass.