Notable : Efficient Markdown Note Taking Application

Taking down notes and saving them for later use in your computer is easy with an application like Notable. It is an open-source cross-platform application that helps you take and manage notes efficiently. It is a markdown editor and supports attachments.

Designed using the Electron framework, it offers a pretty user interface. You can quickly add a new note by clicking on the plus button. The notes can be switched between the edit mode and the view mode. In the edit mode, you can use markdown formatting for your notes, add attachments such as image and more. Once you have finished, clicking on the edit icon will stop editing and show you how the note actually looks like.

You can add tags to each of the notes, making it easy to search for notes having a certain tag. The tags can be nested and helps you discover the notes under a specific tag when you have amassed hundreds of notes. Searching feature can be used to search for notes not only based on their tags but also based on the text content of those notes. In addition, it also comes with search & replace feature that can search for a phrase and replace it with another phrase across all the notes in a few seconds.


You can bookmark notes to ensure that you don’t lose them in the pile of hundreds of notes. When you delete a note it is not completely deleted to guard against accidental deletions or if you change your mind later. These deleted notes can be recovered from trash. However, if you empty the trash, these notes will be permanently deleted.

Notes are saved in the data folder that you have to pick when you first launch Notable. These notes are saved in the MD (Mardown) file format. All the attachments are saved in a separate folder. But all of your notes can be exported to other files in form of HTML, markdown or PDF files.

Notable is not WYSIWYG note taking application but offers full markdown compatibility. It lacks password protection or encryption features so you cannot avoid others going through your notes. There is no built-in cloud storage support for saving your notes on the cloud, but you can use share Notable’s data folder over to you favorite cloud storage to the same effect.

You can download Notable from