PhotoFlare CE : Quick & Simple Image Editor for Everyone

Believe it or not, everyone is not tech savvy. There are people like my grandpa who get troubled even at the thought of using any image editors other than good old Microsoft Paint. But then Paint is very limited in what it can do with your images. If you have determined not to use software like or GIMP then you can still get a very productive and feature rich image editor in the form of PhotoFlare CE.

Designed to be simple and for quick image touch up work, PhotoFlare is available for Windows and Linux. For Windows, you can either install it on your system or use it in portable mode. You will find image editing tools that are easily accessible from its toolbar and can do basic things such as changing the image size or the canvas size. You can quickly adjust image colors, contrast, brightness or use auto-adjust color tool. There are flipping and rotating tools for changing the orientation of your pictures.


You can make add color effects like greyscale, sepia or old black & white photography. There is a tool for reducing the dust effect which is often present when you have scanned old photographs. The sharpening, blurring, softening and reinforcing tools can be used to remove undesired things in your photographs. It also comes with standard toolset like brushes, pens, dropper, magic wand, bucket fill, spray, cloning tool, eraser and more.

This comes with a batch processing tool using which you can perform same set of actions on a large number of image files in a few seconds. This batch processor can be used to resize, rotate or flip the images, adjust the image colors, contrast, brightness, gamma, or apply filters.

PhotoFlare CE focuses on simplicity and ease of operation rather than adding many more complicated features. It is great for beginners level users who want something more than Microsoft Paint.

You can download PhotoFlare CE from