Quickly Rename Files and Folders in Windows with ReNamer Lite

Whether you have recorded videos, pictures or audio files using any device, they are usually saved with date and time in the filename such as DSC20200112.JPG. These filename do not really convey any other information about these files, for example, what they are about, the location, people involved etc. Instead of having files named like DSC20200112.JPG it would be much more useful to have filenames like NewYearParty2020-00.JPG.

You can manually rename a couple of files yourself in Windows easily. But if you want to rename hundreds or thousands of files, it is simply not possible to type in all the names by hand. In that case, you have to take help of a smart renaming software like ReNamer Lite. This software can rename hundreds of files in a few seconds based on the renaming rules that you have specified.

The user interface of ReNamer Lite is divided into two parts – upper half is used for adding renaming rules and the lower half is used to add the files that you wish to be renamed. You have to start by adding the renaming rules. You can add rules for inserting/deleting characters, removing/replacing strings, changing case, strip strings, serialize filenames, use random names, adding date/time, padding file names, and more. You can even use regular expressions and metadata such as ID3 or EXIF for renaming.

ReNamer Lite

After adding the rules, you can drag-n-drop all the files that you want to rename on ReNamer Lite window. It will display a preview of how the renaming will work. If you change or add new rules, then you can click on the Preview button in the toolbar to get an idea of how your rules will rename the files. When satisfied, you can click on the Rename button to finally begin the renaming process.

ReNamer Lite is a fast file renaming utility for Windows. It allows all kinds of rules to be set for renaming the files. It supports unicode, regex, and metadata tags for renaming files and folders. It is definitely a very productive tool to have on your PC when copying or making backups of your videos, pictures or music files.

You can download ReNamer Lite from https://www.den4b.com/products/renamer.