Move Web Browser Cache Location with SoftPerfect Cache Relocator

When you are using a web browser, it stores files downloaded from website such as HTML code and images into a folder on your local hard drive. This offline storage of website files is known as cache. It is used to loading of a previously visited website faster. Instead of downloading everything all over again and again, the browser checks if the website assets are fresh in the cache and loads them from local hard drive. Every website sets how long a browser can consider its web cache to be fresh.

Since a web browser is storing and using this cache on the local storage, you can make web browsing a little faster by placing the browser cache on a faster storage drive. If your web browser is storing the cache on a hard drive, you can move it to a solid state drive. If you are storing it on solid state drive, then you can store it on a RAM drive. For relocating the cache, you can make use of SoftPerfect Cache Relocator.

Cache Reloactor

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator displays all the web browsers installed on your Windows PC that it has detected. On our test PC, it detected Chrome, Firefox and Edge (Chromium based) web browsers. It displays the current location of cache folders for all of these web browsers. You can click on the Move button to select a folder located on a faster storage and it will do the rest. Basically it create a symbolic link and redirects the old folder to the new location.

In case you are using RAM disk (such as SoftPerfect RAM disk or Primo RAM disk) for making cache faster, there is another added benefit – all the cache will vanish as soon as you destroy the RAM disk, so you do not have to worry about clearing the browser history after a session. But there are options in the above mentioned RAM disk software to preserve the RAM disk contents even after system shutdown.

You can download SoftPerfect Cache Relocator from


  1. Thanks! This Relocator is a very handy app. Tiny. Super easy to use. Just got RAMdisk from the same developer (Softperfect) and very satisfied with it too!!

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