Quickly Stop Auto-Playing Sound on Websites in Chrome Browser

Even though Chrome has made is very hard for websites to automatically start playing any media (sound or video) as soon as you visit these sites, some of these websites use workarounds and still manage to annoy the visitors with auto-playing sound.

Fortunately, Chrome has also provided a quick method to stop the sound being played on such sites. So if you visit a website and suddenly you start hearing it play some sound in that tab, then you can use this method to quickly stop it.

When a website starts playing sound (auto-play or when you click on play button), Chrome shows a special icon in the toolbar. This icon is a shortcut to media playback management for that tab. You can click on this icon and click on the play/pause button to stop the sound from being played.

Chrome Stop Autoplaying Sound

Another way to stop these websites from playing sound in your web browser is by changing their permissions. For this, you can click on the website icon in the address bar to pull down a menu that displays cookies, site settings and permissions set for that website. You can click on the listbox next to Sound to set permissions regarding playing of sound by that site. The available options are automatic, allow or mute.

Chrome Stop Autoplaying Sound

If you do not want that website to play any sound in the future then you can set this option to “Mute” which basically mutes all the sounds coming from that site including the audio files or videos being played on that site.  The “Allow” option will obviously do the opposite of “Mute option and the site will be free to auto-play all kinds of sounds. The default value is “Automatic” which seeks your permission for that site to start playing the sound inside the tab.