Sleeper : A Simple Shutdown Timer for Windows

Sleeper is a small portable timer application for Windows that can perform certain tasks after a certain number of minutes. In this small timer, you have to set the number of minutes and choose one of the tasks to be executed. Once the timer finishes its countdown to zero, the selected task is executed.

The user interface of Sleeper is pretty simple – there is a place to enter the number of minutes for the countdown timer and there is a drop-down listbox from where you can select one of the tasks to be executed. You can enter any positive number in the place where it asks to enter the minutes. You can also enter the time in the format hh:mm, for example, 1:20 which means 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can add “am” or “pm”  to pinpoint a clock time, for example, 1:20pm which means execute the task at 1:20 PM. After selecting a task, you can simple click on the Activate! button to start the timer.


Among the tasks available in the list are – actions for controlling Winamp (pause, stop, close), for controlling  Media Player Classic (pause, stop, close), for closing various applications (VLC Media Player, Zoom Player, PowerDVD, WinDVD, QuickTime, iTunes, and Windows Media Player), for turning off the monitor, and various shutdown options for Windows (sleep, hibernate, logoff, reboot, shutdown) etc. You can also choose to launch a custom program or batch script too. You can click on the Test button to check how the task is executed without waiting for the timer countdown.

There are some other options given as well which can be used to reset the timer every time you use your keyboard or the mouse, to reset the timer after executing the task and to close the Sleeper program once the task has been executed.

You can download Sleeper from