WinColor : Change Colors for Taskbar, Start Menu and Desktop

Windows 10 comes with black taskbar, Start menu and desktop colors but lets you change the dark or light themes that Windows desktop uses. You can learn how to switch to change the Windows mode in settings. But if you want to further customize these colors then you can use a freeware called WinColor. This small program can be used to select custom colors of your choice for Windows desktop, taskbar and Start menu. It is a portable application and suppots Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10.

It shows a window from within which you can select various elements of a Windows desktop such as  Start menu background, Start menu foreground, Start menu button, taskbar color, taskbar running program color, taskbar background program color, program titlebar color, preview of foreground program color, background program preview color etc.


After selecting one of these elements for which you want to change the color, you can click on Edit button and select a color from the color selection dialog. You can select any color you want. As soon as you select color for an element, its preview will be visible in WinColor window. These changes will be be applied instantly because the changes require you to restart Windows File Explorer or sign out and sign in to your Windows account. You can restart Windows File Explorer just by clicking on the Refresh button.

WinColor provides much more personalization for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users than offered through the regular settings in Windows. It allows you to customize the colors used by various elements on a Windows desktop. Unfortunately, it does not provide any option to backup the original settings so that you can switch back and forth readily. It would be a good idea if it had profiles – each profile having a set of colors for various elements on your Windows desktop.

You can download WinColor from