WindowsRemix : Install Essential Software After Fresh Windows Installation

WindowsRemix makes it very easy for you to install essential software after you have just finished installing Windows on your PC. You can also use it to install software on a new PC that you have just bought. Using this easy-to-use tool, you can install some very much needed software like antivirus products, archive extractors, anti-malware, browsers, cloud storage clients, audio players, video players, text editors, office suites, PDF viewers and more.

WindowsRemix does not support Mozilla Firefox browser, so you have to use it using either Google Chrome web browser or Microsoft’s new Chromium based Edge browser. The first thing you have to do is install an extension – Windows Remix ClickOnce Helper. This extension helps WindowsRemix download and install software on your PC through the Chrome web browser. What this extension does is that it acts as a conduit to pass on the downloaded binary files to .NET which then finishes then installation.


After you have installed this extension in Chrome browser, you can visit WindowsRemix website and start choosing all the software that you want to install. It has a long list of software under categories like browsers, cloud, communication, database, development, editors, education, emulators, file management, fonts, games, media, network, office, scientific, security, system, tools and web development. Each of these categories have dozens of programs that can be selected.

As you select these software that you wish to install on your PC, a sidebar will be displayed showing the list of selected software and the Install button. You can click on this Install button and WindowsRemix will start downloading the selected software one by one followed by their installation on your system.

WindowsRemix is a great way to quickly install all the essential software on your PC. It can be used to install software immediately after fresh installation of Windows or for installing software on a newly purchased computer.

You can visit WindowsRemix at