Hidden Windows 10 Features : Tweaking Tool for Windows 10

There are many features in Windows 10 that are not easy to find or use. For example, Windows 10 does offers tools for taking ownership of folders and files, but it is not easy to use. Another example is the classic Control Panel which is no longer found in the Start Menu as it used be the case in earlier versions of Windows.

There is a third-party tool called “Hidden Windows 10 Features”  that can be used to reveal these hidden features, tweak Windows settings and add some custom tools to your PC. In its user interface, various sections are dedicated for various parts of the operating system.

Under the “Computer” section, you can choose to add some of the classic features back in your computer. Features such as Recycle Bin, Control Panel, Run, Application Switcher, Network Connections, Printers etc to “This PC” so that you can open them quickly.

Hidden Windows 10 Features

You can choose to disable notification area completely in the Windows Desktop and change the appearance of the taskbar. You can add Copy To, Move To, Open with Notepad, and Take Ownership to the right-click context menu of Windows File Explorer.

Under the “System” section, you can tweak some of the features, for example, you can disable Aero shake, add God Mode to desktop, remove “shortcut” from shortcut files, use verbose boot messages, restore old volume control, hide action center, remove OneDrive from File Explorer, disable Cortana, disable Lock Screen, paint Windows version on the Desktop, add older calculator etc.

Under the “Security” section, you can disable or enable autorun, enable secure login through Ctrl+Alt+Delete, disable Windows Script Host, and wipe the pagefile at shutdown.

“Hidden Windows 10 Features” is definitely very useful tweaking tool that can add some often used features to Windows 10 for which we all have to search online each time we have to use them.

You can download “Hidden Windows 10 Features” from https://www.theropods.co.uk/download.