Annoy Co-Workers by Placing Desktop Goose on their PC

Desktop Goose is a prank – a little program that shows a little goose walking all over your Windows desktop. But do not expect a nice well behaved goose. This goose is very annoying and can wreck havoc on your PC. Ever few seconds, it goes crazy and starts chasing your mouse cursor. If you do not take your mouse cursor away from this goose, it will grab it in its beak and run away.

This small prank program has been created by Samperson. It is available for both Windows and macOS. There is no installation. You can extract the downloaded ZIP to any folder and launch GooseDesktop.exe from there. Pretty soon you will hear the walking sound of a small cute goose. It walks all over your desktop and amuses you. But just when you start liking your own little goose, it will drag mud all over your screen.

Desktop Goose

It does not matter how seriously you are working on your computer, it will chase after your mouse and steal it. It will drag banners and messages (memes) randomly on your screen. If you don’t close these meme windows, they will be all over your screen.

You can drop this on your co-workers’ or friends’ computers and see them either panic or laugh. There is nothing to worry as the goose drops the stolen cursor when it reaches the edge of your screen, and muddy footprints disappear after some time.

In case you are hoping to find some options by clicking on the goose, you are in for a surprise because clicking on the goose makes it even real mad. The only way to say goodbye to the Desktop Goose is by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard for a couple of seconds.

You can download Desktop Goose from