Sticky Previews : Picture-in-Picture for Any Windows Application

Everyone know about the picture-in-picture mode which is now available in almost all the web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Using the picture-in-picture mode, you can watch any video in a smaller window that stays on top of all the tabs in the browser. This is very useful if you want to watch videos and at the same time want to work with other things.

Now you can have a similar feature for any application in Windows through a software called Sticky Previews. Using Sticky Previews, you can create a always-on-top preview window for any other application. You can drag this preview windows anywhere on your desktop, zoom-in, or zoom-out or resize it.

Sticky Previews

You have to start by installing Sticky Previews in your Windows PC. It places itself in the notification area of your Windows desktop. From the notification area icon, you can choose to create a New Preview. After this you have to select a rectangular region on your screen for which you want to create the preview. For example, you can create a preview for a video player by selecting its video frame.

Sticky Previews

The newly created frame is a mirror of the original selected region. Even if you switch to new applications and the original window/region goes in the background, the preview will keep displaying its content. The preview always stays on the top and you can change its zoom level using your mouse-wheel.

Sticky Previews

You can right-click on this preview window to change the various options, bring it to front, create a new preview window, change its zoom level, change the zoom to 100%, close this preview window or close all of the preview windows that you have created.

Sticky Previews

Sticky Previews is not free and is offered as a thirty-day trial version. It is great for the people who have to work on computers and want to multi-task by monitoring the contents of other windows on the same screen. You can use it to watch a movie or sports livestream while working with your everyday computer tasks.

You can download Sticky Previews from

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