BlackBox ISO Burner : Burn CD/DVD, Make USB Drive from ISO & Create or Mount ISO

All the popular operating systems Windows, Android, and many Linux variations are available in form of ISO images. ISO files are complete disk images of CD/DVD media and can be burned to a real physical blank CD or DVD. For burning an ISO file to a blank CD/DVD, you need a special software like BlackBox ISO Burner. In addition to burning the ISO images to blank optical disks, it can also create bootable USB drives from the ISO images, create an ISO image from a CD or DVD present in your DVD drive, and also mount the ISO image as a virtual drive in your Windows PC.

BlackBox ISO Burner is not portable and only comes in form of a setup installer package. During the setup, it silently installs ImDisk virtual disk driver on your system which is perhaps used for mounting the ISO images in Windows. You have to restart Windows before BlackBox ISO Burner can be used.

BlackBox ISO Burner

The user interface of BlackBox ISO Burner is very compact and gives you four shortcuts for its features – Burn ISO, Burn USB, Create ISO and Mount ISO. You can click on any of these to launch the relevant tools. There is no help manual included with it, but everything is very straightforward and no special help is needed.

For burning ISO images, you will need blank CD or DVD disks in addition to a DVD writer drive. You can select the ISO image, target DVD drive, the writing speed and then click on the Burn button to start burning the ISO image. The interface is very convenient and allows you to drag-n-drop the ISO images on its window.

BlackBox ISO Burner

The process is very much the same if you want to create USB drives using the ISO images. In this case, you have to pick a target USB drive. It can be used to create a bootable Windows or Linux USB drive very easily.

You can download BlackBox ISO Burner from

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